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Liittynyt: 21 Mar 2017
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LähetäLähetetty: Ti Mar 21, 2017 8:08 am    Viestin aihe: Jewelry shopping Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

Jewelry shopping doesn’t seem like a friction-filled retail category, but any consumer who has spent time trying to purchase the right piece can affirm it’s not exactly a consumer-optimized process. There are thousands of designers, and very slight variations are the difference for pandora disney charms consumers between something that goes into regular rotation and something that just sits in a jewelry box for most of its existence.
In short, according to Rocksbox Co-Founder and CEO Meaghan Rose in this week’s Shop Talk, the process was “very fragmented” and “very intimidating” and was creating a somewhat broken consumer experience. The customer makes a split-second decision whether or not they want to pandora outlet sale uk spend $100, hoping that the purchase works out through future wears.
“So, I started thinking about if I were to pandora essecne create a shopping experience — just to re-imagine it — for jewelry. What would that look like? I came up with this idea of instead of having all of this product just sitting around in the warehouse or on a shelf somewhere, why don’t you just send it to the customer and let her wear it and then she can decide if she wants to buy it or not? ”That concept was at the heart of Rocksbox, a subscription service that gives customers a window to test-drive their accessories, when it was founded in 2011. The service works by shipping out a box with three jewelry pieces per month.
The Rocksbox subscriber then gets a few weeks to pandora leather bracelets try out the merchandise and see if they like it enough to keep it around. If they do, they keep it, and the item is charged to their account. If they don’t, they return it. The customer is only charged for what they keep — plus a $21 per month subscription charge. Customers, according to Rose, aren’t just using Rocksbox as a jewelry rental service.
About 40 percent of customers make a purchase at the end of the trial period. “The whole concept is fashion as a service, ” the CEO said. “You can have new stuff and drop it off like you are dropping off dry cleaning. ”The idea, Rose noted, was inspired by her past work as a McKinsey consultant with Sephora and the ways in which they’d disrupted makeup as a category for shoppers who weren’t happy with the experience but who were resigned to its mediocrity.
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