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Liittynyt: 21 Mar 2017
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Sephora changed shopping for makeup with a simple innovation: providing lots of options and giving the consumer the option to pandora christmas charms 2017 “play with” the product. The idea of giving customers a chance to have a hands-on experience with a product before fully committing to it — combined with the power of technology to change how that experience is delivered to consumers — was compelling enough for Rose to leave her consulting career to found Rocksbox in her apartment.
A little over five years later, the firm has grown significantly, raised $11. 5 million, moved its fulfillment center to <pandora christmas uk Ohio and has attracted some fairly flashy name-brand partnerships, including a capsule line designed by Nicole Richie last year. Rocksbox takes the uncertainty and intimidation factor out of the buying process, with the goal of making the process itself more intelligent by offering its customers choices.
Jewelry, Rose noted, is well-suited to eCommerce. It’s small and light, so shipping overhead isn’t a major issue. There are sizing concerns, of pandora black friday charms course, but not on par with apparel items. And re-wear doesn’t have the same “ick” factor for some consumers that one tends to see in other retail items, like shoes. “We’ve invested a lot in the back-end logistics and the reverse logistics to support this business model, as well as the cleaning and sterilization and repackaging. And just doing that at scale so that we can have good margins on the fulfillment side, put that back into the customer experience, the packaging and all that, ” Rose told Retail Dive.
The bigger vision, Rose noted, is building a better consumer experience with technology, using the robust data streams at the firm’s disposal. The evolution of eCommerce, she noted, has gone beyond merely giving people what they want. Instead, it’s about anticipating what they are going to pandora black friday 2017 want. That change — powered by innovations like Alexa — is only going to become more prevalent, Rose predicted, as the technology itself gets more refined. “Sometimes it’s a little harder, like jewelry, where there’s a lot of taste involved. But the pace of change in technology and data science is so rapid right now that we’re getting so fast and we’re really cutting out the points of friction along the way. ”.
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