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Liittynyt: 16 Lok 2017
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LähetäLähetetty: Ma Lok 16, 2017 10:23 am    Viestin aihe: make it through the season playing only two running backs Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

We’ll take your questions every week on Twitter at KyleTucker SEC , joe mussatto and SECCountryUK. Then later in the week you can find the answers here.

Let’s get to it.

Shaun T KentuckyShaunT Any Shareef O’Neal to UK news?

Lori Mills! lori mills What’s the chance of Shaq’s son decommitting and coming to Kentucky?

Kyle Interestingly, the supremely plugged in Andrew Slater of 247Sports recently changed his Crystal Ball prediction for O’Neal to Kentucky. There is buzz that O’Neal will visit Lexington for Big Blue Madness, which Customize Jersey certainly would help Kentucky’s chances. There will be several elite recruits on campus that night, per usual, and it’s the most impressive show UK can put on for a prospect.

O’Neal, a 6 foot 9 forward from Los Angeles, is ranked as the 33rd best player in the Class of 2018 by the 247Sports composite. He is an AAU teammate and friend of 5 star center Bol Bol, another UK target expected to attend Madness.

It also helps that there is some upheaval and uncertainty at Arizona with one of its assistants snared in the FBI investigation rocking college basketball. Oh, and there’s that little fact that O’Neal said before he committed to Zona that his famous dad, Shaq, wanted him to player for John Calipari and the Cats. That’s a lot of positive momentum trending Kentucky’s way.

Justin Partin TheRealJP2323 When will Eddie Gran learn to run an offense?

Joe Eddie Gran knows how to run an offense, it just might not be one fans like. I haven’t bought into the “Eddie Gran is too conservative” criticisms. Kentucky is a run first offense that wants the ball in the hands of its best weapon Benny Snell. It’s not flashy, and at times it hasn’t been effective, but don’t expect any drastic changes.

Here’s the thing I question when it comes to Kentucky’s offense Can UK continue to do what it did last season without the same offensive line? This offensive line isn’t as good right now as the group Kentucky had last season, and that’s why the rushing numbers have fallen off. UK’s rushing output is down by about 100 yards per game this season, so I understand the concern. But to place it all on Gran doesn’t make sense. It’s hard to compensate for the losses of Jon Toth, Cole Mosier and Ramsey Meyers. I do think the play calling will have to get more creative at times to avoid predictability.

Chris Hawkins Hawkins Do you expect Lynn Bowden to get more targets in the upcoming games?

Joe Yes, but I’ve been saying this for the last couple of weeks. So, really, I have no idea. Mark Stoops answered this same question in his press conference Monday and said Bowden’s snap count will hopefully increase to 30 or 40 per game as the season goes on. He’s shown a few early flashes, but then he disappears in the second half. Stephen Johnson said he works with Bowden every day after practice. Remember that Bowden played quarterback in high school so the whole receiver thing is new to him. I think his biggest contributions, at least this season, are going to come out of the wildcat rather than in the pass game.

Michael Paul Clark UKDad21 Your take on why the O line took a step back against EMU. We saw how dominant they were against So. Carolina and played well vs Florida.

Joe I wish I had a good explanation for this. Eastern Michigan’s defensive front wasn’t nearly as talented as Florida’s, yet the Eagles sacked Stephen Johnson 5 times. Kentucky’s offense was flat last week. I don’t know if there’s any explanation other than that. But the offensive line is still a big question mark. The season is almost halfway over and Kentucky still doesn’t have continuity up front. The Cats are in trouble if the offensive line doesn’t figure things out.

Jason of Florida jasonofflorida UK run defense is so good it’s unprecedented. Why is nobody talking about this?!

Joe I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this. If you had to pick one position group that’s exceeded expectations you’d have to go with the defensive line. And it hasn’t just been the line. Great play from the second level and even into the secondary has aided Kentucky’s run defense. It’s crazy to think Kentucky is third in the country in rushing yards allowed per game. Only Michigan and Alabama have been better against the run.

Jason of Florida jasonofflorida Status on 3rd string RB? Is Rose/Koback that bad they can’t even get into a game in mop up duty should there ever be any ?

Joe Stoops said Monday that Bryant Koback will likely be redshirted. That leaves A.J. Rose as the only other scholarship running back on the roster behind Benny Snell and Sihiem King. The issue with Rose has been trust. The coaching staff isn’t going to play him until it can trust him — especially when it comes to blocking in the backfield. He’s a redshirt freshman so there’s plenty of time for improvement. But you bring up a great point. I don’t know if Kentucky can make it through the season playing only two running backs.

Old Fuddy jrnall2 If you could hang out with one of The Muppets, which one would you pick?

Kyle The Swedish Chef, easily, as someone who counsels our dear readers on the finer points of local tacos and hot dog marinades. I’d direct you to Chef’s bio on the terrific Muppet Wiki “The incomprehensible preparer of foodstuffs.” My spirit puppet indeed. Børk! Børk! Børk!

Joe How can you not pick Kermit? He’s a legend. I think I could learn some valuable life lessons from him
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